Hyvin joustavaa kangasta 86% polyamide micro,14% elastane.
Päkiässä ommeltu yksi yhtenäinen nahkapala, nahkapalan alla pehmuste.

Koko S -  jalan koko  33-34

Koko M - jalan koko 35-36

koko L   - jalan koko 37-38

Koko XL - jalan koko 39-40

Koko XXL - jalan koko 41-42

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  • The upper of the Foot Protector is made of flexible elastic material which hugs the foot securely, holding
    the Protector on the foot when performing complex movements.
    The base of sole of the Foot Protector is made of natural split leather with a velvety surface to reduce slipping.
    It also has a soft foam pad to reduce impact on the ball of the foot.